The Secret Drugstore Blushes That Rival 10 High-End Favorites

Blush might be the most underrated beauty product. Sure, bronzers and contour powders are great for an instantaneous St. Tropez moment, and highlighters can make us look and feel like a radiant orb when our lack of sleep makes us feel anything but. However, there’s nothing like a quick hit of blush to liven up our complexion in a time of need, which, to be honest, is pretty much every day.

Once you’ve joined the blush bandwagon and learned of its truly transformative powers, you’ll understand why it’s one of the most important beauty staples among celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty editors. It makes you look more alive and healthier than that fifth cup of coffee ever will.

As you may already know (or soon will), blush is easy to become rather dependent on, and since you’ll likely find yourself reaching for your favorite formula daily, we did you and your bank account a favor by sharing 10 of the most beloved blush formulas (if your budget so allows) in addition to the 10 drugstore dupes bearing an uncanny resemblance in terms of ingredients, wear, and finish. Ahead, 10 of the best drugstore blushes your face (and last weekend’s festivities) will thank you for.