The 4 Fall Dress Styles We’re Legit Seeing Everywhere

When you think about the fall wardrobe basics you couldn’t possibly live without, a few staples probably come to mind first. Yes, there’s the obvious like black ankle boots, moto jackets, and chunky sweaters, but there’s another must-have that’s equally as important to a solid autumn offering. Ding, ding, ding! You guessed it—the fall dress.

You’re most likely well aware, but the dress silhouette in question is far different than the summer go-to you wore for the last few months. It’s normally in a knee or midi length, has long sleeves (or has the ability to be layered with knits), and features thicker fabrics. While there’s a variety of picks out there that fit this description, it seems the fashion community has committed to four fall dresses over the past few years. Yes, these are the styles that haven’t just popped up here and there but continue to quite literally invade fashion month, the streets, and everywhere in between.

To highlight further, we’re showcasing the most famous fall dress silhouettes that style-setters collectively wear on repeat. Naturally, we shopped out the coveted finds for each as well to get your closet ready for the season.