Our Best Recipes of 2019

It’s that time of year again – when we wrap up the last twelve months in a shiny bow and declare which natural beauty recipes were our (and your) favorites of all. The following recipes were our most popular that we shared this year. We can’t wait to get started on a year full of incredible recipes for 2020.

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Peruvian Essential Oils

Our Best Recipes of 2019

So what were our readers loving in 2019? You were loving the scents of jasmine, palo santo, and mint. Our Peruvian Essential Oils were a huge hit with blog readers. In fact, they were included in nearly half of they year’s most popular recipes. As for the most popular kinds of formulations, anything that included shimmering mineral powders was a big hit. Cosmetic highlighters and shimmering body butters were among the top ten along with deep cleansing recipes such as our oil cleansing balm and Dead Sea mud and palo Santo mask.

The themes we noticed overall were those of wellness, sustainability, and social consciousness. It seems that consumers are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to where their cosmetics come from, who they are made by, and how they affect the environment and the people who produce them. These are values that we treasure here at From Nature With Love, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see them gaining attention.

If values such as sustainability and environmentalism are an important part of your business’s brand and product story, then you are in good company. We love working with artisans who go the extra mile by seeking out the best ingredients possible. Have questions about one of our products? You can reach out to our customer care team anytime to ask about where an ingredient was sourced, how it was produced, or to find out anything else that might by sparking your curiosity.

Sweet Sandalwood Whipped Body Butter - A light and fluffy moisturizer made with aloe and calendula

Sweet Sandalwood Whipped Body Butter

Make your own Mineral Makeup Cream Highlighter - Shimmering highlighter stick recipe and tutorial

Mineral Makeup Cream Highlighter

How to Make Shimmering Whipped Body Butter (Unicorn Body Butter) - Easy recipe and tutorial

Shimmering Whipped Body Butter (Unicorn Body Butter)

Coconut Aloe Cleansing Balm - a deep cleaning oil cleanser made with virgin coconut and aloe

Coconut Aloe Cleansing Balm

Orange Cocoa Lip Butter - Recipe and Tutorial

Orange Cocoa Lip Butter

Cucumber Honey Facial Cream

Dab a bit of Vanilla Jasmine Body Balm on dry knuckles, chapped elbows, or knees for a quick dry skin fix. Vanilla Jasmine Body Balm can also be used as a simple hair pomade. Rub a little bit of balm into hair to provide texture and conditioning.

Vanilla Jasmine Body Balm

How to Make a Dead Sea Mud & Palo Santo Mask - a deep cleansing facial mask with soothing Palo Santo and Lavandin essential oils.

Dead Sea Mud & Palo Santo Mask

Kelp and Sea Salt Body Scrub - A refreshing salt scrub made with camellia seed oil and kelp powder

Kelp & Sea Salt Body Scrub

Make your own Forest Flower Solid Perfume - a deep, musky blend of floral jasmine and woods

Jasmine Spice Solid Perfume