Our Best Bath Bomb Recipes

Our Best Bath Bomb Recipes: eight of our very favorite recipes for fizzing bath bombs

Our Best Bath Bomb Recipes

It’s been over two decades since bath bombs exploded in popularity. While these iconic fizzing bath treats can be found on shelves in big-box stores pretty much everywhere, I personally think the handmade market still does them best. Anyone can throw together a powdery batch of baking soda and citric acid, but it takes a true artisan to craft a bath bomb that stands out. The very best bath bombs include skin nourishing ingredients, gorgeous colors, captivating scents, and an attention to detail that artisans deliver with grace and style.

The following recipes are some of our very best bath bomb recipes from over the years. We have shared a whole lot of them, but these are our favorites. If you’d rather focus on crafting your own original bath bomb recipes, we suggest checking out our A Guide to Making Bath Bombs or Elaine Stavert’s excellent book, Bath Bombs.

Layered Cherry Bath Bombs

These colorful stacks of fizzing fun are scented with our Plant-Based Cherry Fragrance Oil and packed with mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt.

Cocoa Butter, Peppermint Essential Oil, and a blend of Buttermilk and Honey make these sweet bath bombs a delightful bath tub concoction.

Our Best Bath Bomb Recipes: Candy Heart Bath Fizzies

These beautiful bath bombs are tinted with Rose Clay and include moisturizing Cocoa Butter.

Packed with Coral Calcium, Kelp Powder, and a spa-inspired blend of essential oils, these bath bombs are a relaxing treat!

Our Best Bath Bomb Recipes: Sleepytime Magnesium Bath Bombs

My personal favorite, our Sleepytime Magnesium Bath Bombs recipe contains Magnesium Chloride Oil and a soothing blend of essential oils perfect for a bedtime bath.

This recipe was formulated with Easter eggs in mind, but the gorgeous layers of colored clay will look beautiful in any shape.

Our Best Bath Bomb Recipes: Cranberry Tangerine Bath Bombs

Cranberry Fruit Seeds, Cranberry Seed Oil, and Cranberry Fiber all al included in this adorable berry-inspired recipe. These bath bombs have a simple, but elegant appearance, and make excellent gifts.

Another amazing example of layering colors in bath bombs, this recipe also includes a whipped topping that looks just like buttercream frosting. This recipe can easily be customized by changing the colors and scents, creating endless possibilities for frosted bath bomb fun.

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Our Best Bath Bomb Recipes - Eight of our favorite recipes for gorgeous fizzing bath bombs