Organic Bunny Approved SPF

With over 30 different clean SPF options to choose from in the Organic Bunny store, I realized that it just might be tricky to pick out the best SPF for you so in an effort to make SPF shopping a little bit easier on you, I will break down my top picks by category!

The best part of every SPF you will see below is that it is Reef-Friendly, Non-Nano and entirely mineral based which means there are no yucky toxins to worry about being on you or your family. Remember that because these use minerals to block the sun instead of chemicals that absorb into your skin, they need to be thoroughly cleansed off with a gel-based cleanser after each use. I suggest using the Aleavia Facial Cleanser or something like the Fitglow Vita Active Cleanser to effectively get your SPF off each day.

Best SPF Under Makeup

Looking for an SPF that sits nicely under your makeup? Check out my faves!

  • Best Everyday SPF for All-

If you are looking for a great, everyday SPF that sits great under makeup, my top choice would be the Hynt Beauty SPF25 as it applies totally sheer, smells like a tropical punch and best of all, does not leave my makeup melting off by hour 2. This has a more lotion-like, semi-dewy feel and finish so I actually love how this feels on my skin. Not too thick, not too thin, just right and great for those with just about any skin type or tone!

My second favorite everyday lotion with SPF is the Nutrient Day Cream by Josh Rosebrook. This one is another bunny fave but with a bit more of a semi-matte finish. I would say this one is the perfect mix between the Hynt and Crunchi, offering a true semi-matte, nongreasy SPF protection. This applies like a smooth and creamy lotion, totally sheer and comfortable on the skin. This is Kyle’s current fave.

  • Best Face SPF for Oily Skin-

Another great, more matte option is the brand new Crunchi Facial Sunscreen which can be a bit tricky to perfect as it is a more matte formula. Be sure to apply a facial oil or lotion first and then apply this on top. This is also great for those with more oily or combo skin due to the more matte finish. This also works great under my favorite Crunchi foundation, applying totally sheer if applied with the proper moisture level under it.

  • Best Face SPF for Dry or Sensitive Skin-

For those that love a more dewy makeup look, my favorite SPF for that is the Kypris Pot of Shade as it truly is skin care and SPF, all in one. What is great about this is, you can use it alone or under makeup to not only protect your skin but to also prime and plump! This is my most high-end SPF as it contains ingredients like Sweet Iris Stem Cells and Tamanu to keep your skin dewy fresh and happy, great for those on the more sensitive or dry side. Bonus- This doubles as a primer and moisturizer too!

Best Tinted Moisturizers with SPF

Love SPF moisturizers with a slight tint to them? Check out my faves!

  • Best Semi Matte Tinted Lotion- 

This tinted day cream by Josh Rosebrook is perfect for those that want the feel of a semi-matte lotion with just a hint of color adjusting minerals! This smells like a tasty oatmeal cookie and has the perfect finish. Not too dewy, not too dry, just right! This has absolutely no white cast and contains anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, fatty acids and phytonutrients proven to firm, reduce redness and assist the skin in regeneration!

  • Best Dewy Tinted Moisturizer-

For those that LOVE the dew, my top pick is the Suntegrity 5-in-1 tinted moisturizer! This comes in 4 shades and will actually treat your all while adding the perfect amount of color to leave your skin looking flawless! Made with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Red Algae, Organic Aloe, Jojoba and Cucumber this keeps the skin calm and soothed making it perfect for those with acne, rosacea or melasma! I personally love this because it leaves my skin not only looking healthy but truly feeling health as well. Most people over apply this but you only need a small amount and it should be worn as a tinted lotion, not a foundation! Not sure your shade? I wear the LIGHT option, however, we can color match you at any time-

Best Powder SPF

Looking for an effortless way to get your SPF on each day? Try a powder SPF!

Great for over makeup or the scalp, these Brush on Block powders come in a tinted color or translucent, both applying easy breezy with SPF 30 protection! Many people know they need to re-apply SPF every 2 hours, but most never do so this product solves that problem. Got makeup on? Simply tap more of this on as needed for your protection.

Best Body Lotion SPF for Adults

Looking for a way to protect larger portions of your body? Check out my top pick!

I am obsessed with the Suntegrity Natural Mineral SPF for the body, and have been for quite some time! It applies white at first but if you have a lotion under, this really can be spread on easily and totally sheer. This comes in two sizes a 3 and 5 ounce and is a must-have beach bag item in my opinion! Besides providing a super clean, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide UVA and UVB protection, this sunscreen is also made with nourishing Organic ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Cucumber and Pomegranate Seed Oil for added protection. This is my favorite for a day at the beach or jog when I want an easy lotion like application!

Another SPF that I love for neck, chest, arms & body is the brand new SPF30 by 100% Pure! This is a great and easy option to use on the body for daily, lightweight protection that is more like a true body lotion feel! This natural sunscreen deeply soothes thirsty skin with a base of hydrating aloe and refreshing cucumber juice, while nourishing with oils of raspberry, avocado, olive, and rosehip to soften and moisturize for comfortable all-day wear.

Best SPF For the Lips

Did you know that lip cancer is also a risk? Be sure to protect that pout next time you’re outdoors!

This one is another easy choice as I only have two choices! SPF lip balms and SPF lipsticks! For those that just want a simple lip balm with SPF, my favorite is by Laguna Herbals. These apply just like a lip balm feeling great on the lips all while offering SPF15 protection.

For those that want a bit more protection and color, the Suntegrity lipsticks are game changers and so underrated in my opinion. Not only do they come in some super fab colors, but they also have SPF30 protection which is rare in colored lip products! These apply really lovely too, super smooth and creamy just like a normal lipstick. The color is a medium, slightly sheer and metallic finish with my personal favorite colors being the Solar Rose and Plum Eclipse!

Best SPF Foundation

Looking for more coverage than a tinted moisturizer? Here are my top picks!

  • Best Full Coverage SPF Foundation-

Thank goodness for Suntegrity, as you can see, they make pretty much everything one could want or need for SPF protection, including their brand new mineral matte foundation Impeccable Skin! This is literally the best SPF foundation there ever was, truly giving your skin that airbrushed finish and the best part is, girls apply it with their hands and it still looks amazing. Great for vacations, a day at the beach or just out with friends, this has a semi-matte coverage you will be blown away by! I am the shade BUFF but if you need a color match, email us at

  • Best Dewy SPF Foundation-

For those that want a more medium but dewy finish, the 100% Pure BB Cream is a fabulous choice for anyone not in major sun as it is only SPF15. Perfect for those that want to smooth out their complexion but without a heavy, cakey look, these BB Creams create a super moisturizing, dewy-fresh, medium-coverage finish that really just looks like gorgeous, new healthy skin. I wear the lightest shade 10 but when more tan, I can bump up to 20. The downside about these is the lower SPF and minimal color options. Add a boost of SPF by applying the Brush on Block powder above!

Best SPF For Outdoor Activities

Whether it be on your next jog or swim, here are my favorite SPFs that hold up great when up against sweat, tears or water!

Suntegrity just released their brand new SPORT Mineral Sun Stick, perfect for those more active outdoor people! This comes in small or large size and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes! I love these sticks because they glide on very smooth, feeling almost like a body butter with SPF and they can be used on your hands, face, chest, shoulders or full body!

For those wanting a more protective SPF for their face, I also love the Suntegrity Moisturizing Primer or their above Tinted Moisturizers. I find myself reaching for this face SPF when I am going on a hike or jog as it sits lightweight but somehow just feels more protective and long-lasting.

Best SPF for Kids

This is another easy choice as I currently only carry one that I suggest and love for kids and that is also by Laguna Herbals. While yes, there are other clean SPFs out there, theirs only uses 5 Organic ingredients so you can’t really beat that! The thicker stick form makes applying this a breeze, especially on children! Just a few swipes and your little one 6 months+ is good to go for 80 minutes of water-resistant protection. ☀️

I carry both of their SPF30 and SPF50 options.

Custom Consults

Still not sure which SPF is for you or need help picking out a shade? Shoot us an email and the Organic Bunny Esthetician will help you on out!