Nourishing Jojoba Brow Balm

Nourishing Jojoba Brow Balm: an all-natural conditioning balm for eyebrows

How to make Nourishing Jojoba Brow Balm - an all natural balm to condition eyebrows

The rise in popularity of thick, natural looking eyebrows has spurred the creation of oodles of brow-focused beauty products. From serums and balms to pencils and dyes, eyebrow products are some of the hottest trend’s in today’s cosmetics market. This simple brow balm uses a blend of nourishing jojoba and ungurahui oils to keep eyebrows moisturized and lush.

We included tea tree, elderberry, and frankincense to help boost the brow balm’s benefits. These plant-based essential oils and extracts add a delightfully herbaceous scent while also helping to encourage the health and abundance of eyebrow hair. Whether you prefer your brows bushy or sparse, keeping them happy and well maintained can be very appealing.

This brow balm recipe has a very mellow brown color. It can easily be adjusted by tweaking the colorants. For a darker balm, add a little more black oxide. For a lighter balm, omit the black oxide or try swapping it for brown oxide.

How to make Nourishing Jojoba Brow Balm - an all natural balm to condition eyebrows

About the Ingredients

Brown Jojoba Wax Beads

These tiny wax beads are made from jojoba that has been dyed and hydrogenated. They can be used as a gentle exfoliant in scrubs or liquid soaps and can also be used to add subtle color to wax and oil-based formulations.


This natural wax is versatile in texture and color, available in white or yellow varieties. If you prefer to use a plant-based wax, try our Candelilla Wax instead. Candelilla is a bit harder than Beeswax so you will need to reduce it’s portion by about 10-20%.

Organic Clear Jojoba

While generally considered a carrier oil, Jojoba is technically a liquid wax. It is very close in chemical composition to human sebum, a conditioning substance naturally found on human skin. Our Organic Clear Jojoba has very little aroma and no color, making it an extremely versatile ingredient for all kinds of formulations.

Ungurahui Oil

Similar in nature to olive oil, Ungurahui Oil is pressed from an exotic palm native to South America. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids including oleic acid, and can be used in a wide range of moisturizing products for skin and hair care.

Black Oxide

Black Oxide is an oil dispersible mineral pigment often used in cosmetics and soap making to impart a black color. It can be used alone or in collaboration with other tints and pigments.

Elderberry Extract

An exciting natural preservative, Elderberry Extract can help to fend off microbial growth in oil-based formulations. The rich antioxidant and phenol content adds the additional benefit of conditioning the skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

A classic ingredient in natural skin care and cosmetics, Tea Tree Essential Oil is an excellent addition to formulas created to support healthy skin or hair. Tea Tree Essential Oil has a fresh, green and somewhat medicinal aroma that goes well with herbs, citrus, and woods.

Frankincense Select CO2 Extract

The deep, resinous aroma of Frankincense brings a spiritual or meditative mood to mind. When used in skin care, Frankincense is typically included in formulations meant to support mature or damaged skin. Our Frankincense Select CO2 Extract is an extremely high quality specimen of this incredible ingredient.

How to make Nourishing Jojoba Brow Balm - an all natural balm to condition eyebrows

Nourishing Jojoba Brow Balm

Makes about two 25-gram tubes



  1. Combine jojoba wax and beeswax in double boiler and heat until fully melted.
  2. Add jojoba to melted waxes and stir until well blended.
  3. In a separate bowl, combine ungurahui oil with black oxide.

Usage & Packaging

  • We used a solid tube with a silicone brow brush to package our test batch of brow balm. It can also be packaged in jars, such as our Brown Paperboard Jars or Clear Dome Lip Balm Jar.
  • To use, apply a small amount of balm to clean brows before bed time.

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How to make Nourishing Jojoba Brow Balm - an all natural balm to condition eyebrows