Janelle Monáe’s Best Style Moments of All Time

It takes a certain type of woman to keep the whole world afloat—and Janelle Monáe is that type. Women around the world felt seen the moment she stepped onto the world’s main stage. She’s not only a black woman but an openly queer advocate with one hell of a wardrobe. And her badassery doesn’t stop there; we could spend days talking about her career. From starring in some of Hollywood’s most daring movies such as Moonlight and Hidden Figures to creating some true billboard bops, this is a woman of many hats, quite literally. This is why, in an effort to save time, we decided to focus on one part of what makes Monáe iconic: her style. 

Her looks over the years have always been the perfect mix of camp and androgyny done right. You don’t have to take my word for it. Ahead, you’ll find some of Janelle Monáe’s best looks, starting from the past to the present. You won’t be disappointed.