FYI: Celebrities Hoard These 27 Beauty Products—and They’re on Sale Right Now

Celebrities have access to not only the best hairstylists, makeup artists, and facialists in the world but also the best products. So when they take to Instagram, film tutorials, or sound off on their must-have mascaras, conditioners, devices, and beyond during interviews, you bet we’re hanging on to every last word. The only issue? About 85% of the time said products have price tags steep enough to give our bank accounts thoughts of bankruptcy. Not ideal—especially this time of year when we’re forking over all the cash for gifts, cinnamon- and nutmeg-spiked cocktails, fresh winter wardrobes, and at least a pound of sugar cookie dough a week. (Anyone else?)

Today is Cyber Monday, and we’re in the hot-and-heavy middle of all the post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas shopping frenzy. So luckily, all of our favorite brands and retailers are giving our credit cards a breather by offering tons of sales, discounts, and deals so we can live out our celeb-inspired beauty dreams. Ahead, we’re providing a covetable list of some of the most sought-after formulas on the market right now that are not only approved by our favorite celebs but also running at a far cheaper rate than usual. Keep calm, and scroll on!