From Tracee to Rosie, the Best Celebrity Outfit Posts of the Year (So Far)

When it comes to the world of Instagram, I have to tell you that not all celebrity accounts are created equal. Some use the platform to promote various projects, some like to share a glimpse into their personal lives, some barely post at all, and—here comes my favorite—some use the space to share what we all really want to see: their everyday outfits. Among this set is a range of It girls from models to actresses who, luckily, enjoy gracing us with their on- and-off-duty looks; and they rarely disappoint.

In case you were curious who I would suggest following for regular fashion updates as well as interested in seeing some of my favorite posts of the year (so far), I figured I’d round them up for you today. From Tracee Ellis Ross to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and more, just keep scrolling to see and shop the looks that made the cut.