Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints

Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints: Sheer colored lip balms scented with spicy cardamom and sweet bergamot

Cardamom and Bergamot Lip Balms Recipe Cardamom and Bergamot Lip Balms Recipe

The warm and spicy aroma of cardamom blends beautifully with the tart floral scent of bergamot in our Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints recipe. These moisturizing lip balms are infused with aroma and blended with color-rich mica and oxide to provide a sheer earthy color that looks great with any complexion.

Our lip tint base includes watermelon seed oil and deodorized cocoa butter, making it nourishing and moisturizing. A dash of castor oil gives our Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints a soft texture and slightly glossy finish while sunflower lecithin makes sure that the tint glides on smoothly and stays put. In addition to smelling lovely, cardamom essential oil is believed to help support healthy digestion and mood, making it an excellent choice for everyday use.

You can make our Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints recipe your own by swapping out the mica and oxide colors for any lip-safe ingredients you prefer. We carry Pearlescent Micas in every color of the rainbow. Have fun trying out new blends and shades until you find a color that you love. Need color blending ideas? Check out our blog post on How to Make Custom Lip Tints Using Natural Ingredients.

Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints

About the Ingredients

Deodorized Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a luscious moisturizing vegetable butter made from cacao. Cocoa butter typically has a strong chocolate aroma, but our Deodorized Cocoa Butter has been specially filtered to subdue its characterisitc scent. This makes the butter far more versatile so that it can be paired with any scent you like.

Watermelon Seed Oil

Watermelon Seed Oil has a delightfully light and non-greasy texture that makes it great for a wide range of skin care, massage, and aromatherapy products. With little to no aroma or color, Watermelon Seed is also versatile enough to be paired with any type of aromatic ingredients. Watermelon Seed Oil makes an excellent main ingredient in lotions, massage products, lip balms, and hair conditioners.

Beeswax Pellets

This natural wax is versatile in texture and color, available in white or yellow varieties. If you prefer to use a plant-based wax, try our Candelilla Wax instead. Candelilla is a bit harder than Beeswax so you will need to reduce it’s portion by about 10-20%.

Organic Sunflower Liquid Lecithin

Our Organic Sunflower Liquid Lecithin acts as an emulsifier and conditioner within cosmetic formulations. In lip care products, lecithin can help to increase adhesion. This gives lip care products a richer, more lasting texture. Lecithin is often responsible for the difference in texture between a smooth, creamy lipstick (with lecithin) and a light glossy lip balm (without).

Organic Castor Oil

While many carrier oils are prized for their light, non-greasy textures, Castor Oil boasts the opposite set of characteristics. It has a thick texture that is excellent for lubricating skin, hair, or lips, and glides over the skin rather than absorbing into it. This makes Castor Oil an excellent addition to formulas that are meant to create barriers over the skin. Diaper creams, lip balms, and ointments can all benefit from the inclusion of Castor Oil.

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, FCF (furanocoumarin free)

Our FCF Organic Bergamot Essential Oil offers the delightful aroma of bergamot without the phytotoxicity concerns typically associated with bergamot oils. Offering an essential oil free of furanocoumarin allows for a much wider range of uses for bergamot. The sweet, citrus and floral aroma of Bergamot Essential Oil blends very well with spices, woods, and herbs. In aromatherapy, bergamot is often considered uplifting, balancing, and rejuvenating.

Cardamom Essential Oil

Cardamom Essential Oil has a sweet and spicy aroma that blends well with woods, citrus, and florals. In aromatherapy, cardamom is often used to support digestion, improve mood, and combat anxiety. Cardamom makes a unique choice for lip products, bringing a touch of exotic aroma into play. While it is suitable for lip products in general, it is not recommended for use by babies or children.

Red Oxide

Oxides is a mineral-based colorant that disperses in oil. Oxides can provide rich, matte color to soaps and cosmetics. They are often used to tint mineral makeup, lip color, eyeshadow, and other makeup products.

Pearlescent Micas

Pearlescent Micas are used to add color and sheen to beauty, cosmetic and personal care products. They are primarily used in the formulation of lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows. They are also widely incorporated into loose mineral make-up since colors can be combined to create virtually any shade. Micas are also used to color a huge variety of cosmetics including lip balms, bath products, lotions, soaps, and body powders.

Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints

Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints

Makes Cardamom and Bergamot Lip Balms RecipeCardamom and Bergamot Lip Balms Recipeabout fifty 0.7-ounce tubes



  1. Heat cocoa butter, beeswax, and lecithin in double boiler until fully melted.
  2. In a separate dish, combine watermelon oil with mica and oxide, whisking well until thoroughly blended.
  3. Remove butter and wax from heat and add watermelon oil mixture followed by castor oil.
  4. Allow mixture to cool for 2 minutes, stirring slowly every few moments to keep it from hardening. Add essential oils and stir again.
  5. Carefully pour melted mixture into tubes or jars. Let lip tints cool completely before closing containers.

Usage & Packaging

  • These Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints look gorgeous in our Natural Slim Lip Balm Tube Containers, but they can be packaged in any type of solid lip balm tub, jar, or tin.
  • To use, simply apply to dry lips as often as needed.

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Cardamom & Bergamot Lip Tints Recipe