25 Seriously Cool Items I Just Scored a Major Deal On

That’s right, everyone—Cyber Monday has officially arrived. What that means is that it is one of the very best days to shop on the internet, period. Prices are being radically reduced on both end-of-season pieces and just-dropped new merchandise alike, meaning you’ll want to click “checkout” for all of the items currently sitting in your shopping cart. Whether you’re doing some holiday shopping, planning your wardrobe for upcoming holiday parties, or getting a head start on the about-to-break fashion trends for 2020, today is absolutely the best day to do it.

Need some inspiration for what to order on the shopping holiday? Ahead, I’m highlighting some of my personal finds including everything from affordable fashion to luxury splurges. Many of these are pieces I personally scored a major deal on, as well as more pieces I have my eye on. Here, discover the fashion deals that are too good to pass up—and won’t last long.