25 Holiday Gifts for Any Man in Your Life

Buying holiday gifts for guys is often difficult. After all, they’re unlikely to share their holiday wish lists; in fact, it’s likely they haven’t even given it any thought! Not to mention that navigating relationships with the men in your life can be challenging enough as it is. Whether it’s your boss or a guy you’ve been casually dating, you might not even be sure whether giving a gift is even appropriate. On the other hand, your brother and dad receive gifts every year, and you’re running out of creative ideas. 

The best way to approach gifts for any man in your life is to first think of their general interests. Is he an audiophile? Does he secretly like to pamper himself? Maybe he’s looking for something new to do on weeknights after work. Then think small(ish) and affordable. Fortunately for you, we’ve already done the brainstorming. Whether you’re buying for your dad, brother, boss, friend, or your S.O., read on for gifts he probably didn’t even know he wanted (but will definitely love).