12 Accessories I Got So Many Compliments on in Paris

When packing for Paris Fashion Week this season, I considered how to balance my love for statement pieces with the classic style sensibility the French are famous for. I landed on a strategy grounded in accessories, letting them enhance and decorate my outfits that showed a tad bit more restraint than usual. And when I say a tad, I mean truly just a tiny bitmy American self couldn’t help but indulge in a little pattern clashing and wear some subtle neon, too (in the form of a trés Parisian tweed jacket, bien sûr). 

Overall, I like to think I struck a solid balance between trend-driven and timeless pieces, and it turns out the Parisian women I encountered while visiting showrooms and attending runway shows thought so, too. Specifically, they seemed to approve of my accessory choices, and since at Who What Wear we are endlessly curious about everything French style, I thought I’d document which pieces earned the most compliments. I stayed at the Amastan Paris, my favorite boutique hotel in the chic 8th arrondissement, which, as it turns out, made the perfect backdrop for me to capture my most-loved accessories of the season. Set against Amastan’s quintessential Parisian balconies and charming, plant-filled courtyard, see which jewelry, bags, and shoes garnered French approval.